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Cutting of cakes is one of the best parts of any occasion whether It is a Birthday party, Wedding, Anniversary, Ceremonies, Christmas, New Year or anything else. Cakes always play an important role in any party. Spreading the love with slices of delicious and yummy cakes is like spreading happiness on an occasion. Your delicious and decorative cake is a tradition that will be featured in your many photographs for years to come. Therefore, choosing your own style when choosing your perfect cake.
Apple Pie Bakery take this responsibility to make you every occasion special with our huge range of cakes and customize decorative cake services. We have cake for every of your occasion in our collection. Apart from our collection, if you are willing to make your own style of cake then we are up to do that. Our online cake delivery services enable you a hassle-free option to get cakes at your doorstep. So, you don’t need to hop to shops to order a cake. We offer fast and same day delivery across Noida, Delhi and Ghaziabad. Apple Pie Bakery shall be you reliable online cake shop in the delivery zones so that you can sit at the comfort of your home and offer amazing cakes and flowers with a few taps of your finger.

Let’s Choose Your Cakes
Apple Pie Bakery have a collection of hundreds of cakes to choose from, in a variety of shape, colours and flavours. Apart from our collection, you also have a choice to order customization of your cake to match your own unique taste and have just about any design and flavour. We have an experienced team of bakers proficient in making and decorating cakes as per your requirement and perception.

Make Your Occasion Memorable With Our Beautiful and Delicious Cakes

Birthday Cakes
There is no doubt that birthday is the most important day in the life of everyone as our all journey, stories and adventure begin with this beautiful day. Birthday cake is one of the most important things of interest in any birthday celebration. A birthday party with no tasty birthday cake will not make this event complete regardless of whether you are an adult of kids, you will always happy to have a cake around on your birthday. Apple pie bakery offers a range of cakes in a variety of flavours like Chocolate, Fruits, Vanilla, Butterscotch, black forest, Oreo and much more.
Wedding Cakes
Wedding cakes play an important role in the wedding party. Usually, the wedding cakes have to be tiered, white cake with white icing. While traditional white and tiered cakes topped with the bride and grooms figured are still predominant, colourful cakes depicting kooky themes and significance tableaux have to take a strong hold on cultural psyche. We at Apple Pie Bakery make sure that your wedding cake style will relate to your choice for the type of wedding you are having and the overall tone you are taking, whether formal, informal, contemporary, traditional, indoor and outdoor.
Themed Cakes
It is worth to make some extra efforts to match the party theme with the cakes especially when it’s come to the kids birthday. It is very joyful to watch the expression of the child when they see a birthday cake that has been making to look like their favourite character or theme. Apple Pie Bakery make it possible for you to have a themed birthday cake as per the choice of your child. We have a wide range of themed cakes such as Butterfly Themed Cake, Cartoons Themed Cakes, Doll Themed Cakes, Fish Themed Cakes as well as our experienced staff is able to create any kind of themed cake as per your and your kid’s Choice.

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